Course Offered

We are conducting more than 11 Courses. Our Courses are

Executive Health Program in Stress Management

1. Introduction, requirements for gaining maximum benefits, definition of stress, etymology, causes and ..Read More

Yoga Education for Children

The need for a yoga based system of education, the cause of student unrest and it remedy, yoga and education, yoga ...Read More

The Five Tibetan Rites

In Tibet there are numerous secret and sacred techniques, not only for spiritual evolution but also for physical rejuvenation ...Read More

Geriatic Yoga

All the practices are done while seated on chair, gentle exercises for all joints and muscles of the body, exercises...Read More

Yoga Course Teacher’s Training

The true concept of yoga, misconceptions, etymology, the broad classification of yoga onto Havana group and pranasamyaman group. Karma yoga, ...Read More


Among the various systems of energy healing, Reiki is the simplest especially for self-treatment. It is an ancient ..........................................Read More

Spiritual Healing

Buddha is believed to have used over a hundred types of energy healing techniques. Spiritual Healing is one among them. The process, ...Read More

Yoga For Women

The features of the Female body, Concept of Siva and Sakti (consciousness and energy) Teenage problems, restlessness and agitations, Puberty and menstrual problems, ...Read More

Kundalini Yoga

Jala neti,Anuloma Viloma pranayama with prana shuddi, Trataka(concentrated gazing),Shambavi Mudra(eyebrow centre gazing with omchanting)with ...Read More