What We Offer

Stress Management Workshop for executives:
All physical, mental and emotional tensions removed completely. Just eight minutes of daily practice ensures total health of the body and mind .Minimum time for the workshop is 90 minutes, and for full workshop 16 hours.

Geriatric yoga for the elderly:
The simple and gentle practices of yoga suitable for elderly people regardless of age or present physical condition.One session is for one hour. The number of sessions depends on requirements.

Personal treatment session with energy healing modalities: Energy healing provided for any kind of ailment, taking nearly one hour foe each session. In certain cases Siddha herbal medicines also will be given in consultation with a traditional siddha physician.

Yoga nidra and Meditation:
The minimum time required is 3 hours; Meditation is a backword journey to one’s real source, which is divine consciousness. During the process all the blockades and stress get completely dissolved.

Reiki - all levels:
Reiki is a harmonious combination of relaxation, meditation and healing. First Degree enables one to treat oneself, Second Degree enhances the healing power and the practitioner can give treatment to others, Third degree is Mastership.

* Yoga education for children for memory and learning skills.

* Yoga for women and girls with remedy for female problems

* Yoga therapy for common diseases-prescriptions.

* Workshop highlighting the common principles of yoga and Ayurveda.

* Training course in Spiritual healing.

* Yoga Teachers Training Course (Satyananda tradition).

* Kundalini Yoga (Bihar school of yoga lineage)

The courses are conducted on request at Maitri Home, Varkala. If visa and air tickets are provided, Dr Rajasekharan will travel to any country for conducting the courses and for personal treatment. For the financial aspect and other details pleace contact him by mobile or by e-mail
(Mob: +91 9746175706, Email:drrajasekharan@yahoo.com)

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