About Us

Dear Friends,

Yoga, as you know, is the cultural heritage of India and the greatest contribution to the welfare of humanity. Its relevance in the contemporary world is self-evident as testified by the global celebration of the international yoga day.

We are a group of yoga masters belonging to the Bihar school of yoga tradition, dedicated to the propagation of yoga in its completeness. Among our courses, ‘Executive Health programme in stress-management through yoga’ and ‘Geriatric yoga for the elderly’ have been gaining wide acceptance worldwide.

The unique feature of the courses is that all the practices are easy but powerful and can be done while seated on chair. Most of the physical and mental problems will dissolve instantly. Afterwards, daily practice of 5 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes at night ensures total health of the body and mind .The courses are open to all, regardless of age or present physical condition.

The details of these courses and other workshops are given elsewhere .The minimum time of the stress management program is 90 minutes and the time the fully-fledged course is 16hours to be conducted in two days. Any number of participants can attend together, depending on the seating capacity of the hall.

We also undertake energy healing service, both directly and distantly. The main modalities are Prana vidya, Reiki, Chakra healing, Mantra and Spiritual healing. Crystals and germs are also used depending on the nature of the case. Distant healing is done with photograph of the person.

The major project that we are contemplating is Chakra Healing Tower. The practioners of yoga are aware of the concept of chakras, the energy centers in the body distributing prana to the respective parts of the body .Each chakra has 25 to 30 features ,some of which can be utilized for healing.

A magnified form of the chakra system is involved in the structure of the chakra healing tower incorporating all the healing modalities, proved to be very powerful with the help and guidance of the experts in the field and our own findings. A major research work is being carried out for its creation.

There are lotus structures and chakra towers elsewhere but the perspective is different. Although the external appearance will be an enlarged form of the traditional chakra figure as given here, the sole purpose is healing and elevation of consciousness. Inside the petals of the seven chakras there will be areas to walk through making use of many of the features of each chakra for healing, such as sound, fragrance, mantra, gem stones, extracts of medicinal herbs, color, display of yogic principles from scriptures and other items to fill the whole area with high frequency energy. The ramp connecting all the fifty divisions will make it easy to pass through. The seventh story, a circular platform and dome shaped roof provides a conductive place for meditation.

Around this central structure will be seven circular lakes with lotus flowers interspersed with bio gardens with medicinal herbs. Walking through these gardens one gets refined pranic energy resulting in spontaneous healing of many ailments.Residential rooms will be around these seven concentric circles, with circular walls and dome-shaped roofs,facilitating conservation of energy to expedite recovery .The mainobjective of the tower is to raise and purify the energy, thereby bringing about total healing as testified by various experiments and research works.

A mini model of the chakra healing tower is used for distant healing by placing the photograph at the top under the roof

Discussion with Dr. Rajasekhran on Our Projects