Healing the world


‘Holism’ was a movement originated in Germany in the 19 th century. The principle of holism insists that treating the symptoms alone is not sufficient to bring about a complete cure. The psychological, Sociological and all other aspects should also be taken into consideration for total recovery from any disease. It is more relevant in modern times and the world health organization has rightly defined health as a state of physical, mental and social well- being and not mentally absence of disease.

Conventionally, Alternative medicine is any system of therapy other than Allopathy, the western or mainstream medicine. In this regard, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Siddha, Unani, Naturopathy, Acupuncture and Acupressure belong to the category of Alternative medicine. Each discipline has its own philosophy. This group is also known as complementary medicine, and is regional in origin, as for example Ayurveda in India and Acupuncture in China.

Healing with psychic or pranic energy with or without the use of any medicine belongs to the group of energy medicine. Many yogis have this power. There in the patient must minister to himself. There are many simplified modalities of energy healing such as pranic healing , Reiki, Chakra healing and spiritual healing.

As our respect and adoration to some of famous healers of the world, an article published in ‘Life Positive’ magazine by is reproduced here with. As no system is a substitute for Allopathy, energy healing should be taken along with the mainstream medicine. However the possibility of recovery is very high.

The healing journeys of great healers of the world prove the body-mind connection of illnesses, and inspire us to take responsibility for our ailments, says Shivi Verma

Most of the people featured in this article started as ordinary souls, who mutated into guiding lights by surmounting their terminal illness, and birthing new therapies that have helped millions of people the world over. Their stories prove that when we take responsibility for our healing and do whatever it takes to recover, not only do we heal, but our consciousness spirals upward, and we coast into a powerful state of being.

Martin Brofman: Power of positive thinking

Martin Brofman, chakra healer and author of Anything Can be Healed, suffered from terminal cancer in his spinal cord in 1975. The doctors declared that he could die any moment. Terrified, Martin resigned himself to his fate. As he was being administered anaesthesia he had a surreal experience of talking to the Almighty. Martin recovered slightly after the surgery and left the hospital. Thereafter, he met a Zen practitioner who told him that cancer began in the mind. This fascinated him, and he began to consciously de-stress himself. He also learnt the Silva method of meditation which includes affirmations and visualisation after reading Ken Keyes’, Handbook of Higher Consciousness. “I realised that cancer was the result of a mental process, that I could use my consciousness to reprogramme my mind,” he says.

He would remind himself while eating, that whatever he ate was exactly what his body needed to accellerate the healing process. Whenever he felt the sensation of an electric shock in his body he would think that it was a sign of his tumour shrinking. He avoided people who believed that his disease was terminal. He would talk to himself positively in a relaxed state of mind for 15 minutes, three times a day. Determinedly, like a dog chewing away at a bone, he focussed his mind sharply on healing and used his discrimination to slay any iota of doubt arising in his mind. Combining visualisations, positive affirmations, and sharply focussed intent, he eliminated a large amount of cancer cells from his body.

Since the tumour was in the nape of his neck he also realised that it symbolised his lack of self-expression. He began to utter aloud his feelings, aspirations and emotions. When finally the doctors saw his report they were amazed to find that there was not a trace of cancer in his body. Martin later on devised The Body Mirror System healing technique based on his own experiences, and applied himself to helping others. Martin believes that there is a healer in each one of us, and that anything can be healed.

Louise L Hay: Self-love is the key

Louise L Hay, author of You Can Heal your Life, came from a broken family. Her parents divorced when she was 18 months old. Her mother remarried a violent and abusive man, and Louise herself got raped by a neighbour when she was five years old. As she grew older, mental, physical and sexual abuse became routine in her life. Tired of abuse, she left her home and school, at age 15. At 16, she became an unwed mother of a baby girl. She gave up the baby for adoption since she had no means to support her.

After that she went to New York and was fortunate enough to become a high-fashion model. Despite this, her self-esteem remained very low. She married an Englishman but after 14 years, he dumped her for somebody else. Louise looked for answers. After several months she happened to attend a meeting at the United Church of Religious Science in New York, and was

impressed by what they taught. She learnt Transcendental Meditation and soon began taking the Ministerial Training Programme. This quickly blossomed into a full-time career, and she was inspired to put together a little book, Heal Your Body, which was a simple list of metaphysical causations for physical illnesses. Then one day, she was diagnosed with vaginal cancer. She went into panic but realised that this was the time to walk her talk. “After all, I knew that cancer was a dis-ease of deep resentment that has been held for a long time.” She realised that she was refusing to move beyond her childhood trauma. Her doctors gave her three months to heal before they operated. She read everything on alternative healing to assist her healing process. She checked out foot reflexology and colon therapy. She acknowledged that she must love herself more, and stop her internal critic who derided her constantly. “There had been little love expressed in my childhood,” she says. She would daily affirm before the mirror that she loved herself, and took the help of a therapist to resolve her emotional issues. Then she began to piece together the scraps of stories her parents had told her about their own childhoods. “With my growing understanding, I began to feel compassion for their pain, and the blame slowly began to dissolve,” she admits. With the help of a good nutritionist, she detoxified her body of junk food, and subsisted only on vegetables. She had colonics three times a week for the first month.

“Six months after my diagnosis, I was able to get the medical profession to agree with what I already knew – that I no longer had even a trace of cancer! Now I was able to affirm from personal experience that dis-ease can be healed if we are willing to change the way we think, believe, and act!” She proved to the world that human will and determination was far greater than any life-threatening illness.

And of course, she went on to become a byword of self-healing with her book, You Can Heal Your Life, which has sold over 39 million copies!